Kromatika DEX

Makes DEX trading simple, accessible, and affordable on Ethereum L1 and L2’s.

Core Strength

Our innovative dApp brings you:

  • the best value for your swaps by comparing multiple Dexs, picking the best rates for you.

  • reduced slippage using multiple pools in our MetaDEX Aggregator, to execute your trade.

  • automatically processed, decentralized limit orders.

  • additional LP fees on your filled limit orders (FELO). Up to 9% depending on volatility of trading pair.

  • Combined, Kromatika’s dApp provides you more, if not the best value for every trade you make !

These are our core building blocks

Secure audited smart contractsThe dapp was audited in multiple iterations in both internal and external testing environments. The external testing was performed by CertiK, Mythx and OpenZeppelin.

Kromatika ranked in top 10% on the CertiK leaderboard, with an overall score of 87/100, security scored 88/100 and market & community 82/100. See full report  here.
Off-chain keepers at workThe Kromatika protocol utilizes the Chainlink Keepers to make sure orders are collected as soon as the price target of the limit order is reached. This service is provided off-chain, fully decentralized.

You can read more about Chainlink Keeper and Kromatika’s full scale integration in  this Medium article.
High utility $KROM token$KROM is a utility token which is used for paying limit order fees and end-to-end usage of gasless mode (optional feature, coming very soon).

For every limit order, the Kromatika protocol user only pays a service fee in $KROM, of the amount traded.

Protocol Token


What is $KROM?

$KROM is the utility and governance token of the Kromatika protocol. It is a non-mintable ERC20 token deployed on Ethereum with a fixed total supply of 100 million tokens. The tokenomic model of $KROM is deflationary by design since the tokens are being  burnt.

$KROM is the token that pays the service fee to unlock the limit order feature of Kromatika protocol. This means that by using KROM tokens, you not only get access to cost efficient limit orders on the DEX, but you will also get LP fees on every trade thanks to the innovative approach to providing liquidity.

$KROM token is also used as a governance token within the Kromatika DAO.
Kromatika DAO has the possibility to add more utilities for the KROM token through governance proposals.

Circulating Supply

Initially 60 million tokens were fair lauched on Uniswap V3 mainnet. 10 million were fair launched on Arbitrum and another 10 million on Optimism.

A buyback from the DAO treasury was performed at the end of Q1 2022, for a total value of 2 million $KROM.

LP ownership token is burned, meaning $KROM is burned with every sell trade.


12.000.000 $KROM have been locked on Unicrypt, or 12% of the total supply, with an average vesting of 2 years and 3 months. This vesting occurred in March 2022. Half of the vested tokens are allocated to the DAO treasury.

Increased security

The proof of liquidity (position) was burnt, for better security and in order to prevent rug pull hacks. You can consult the transaction  here.

7 million $KROM tokens are kept in the DAO treasury, managed by the Kromatika DAO.


How to buy $KROM?

The easiest way to purchase $KROM, is by using Kromatika Swap Aggregator:  launch the dapp  and connect your wallet. No $KROM is required to use the swap aggregator. The swap aggregator is working on Ethereum mainnet, Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon.

You can consult more detailed instructions using the below links:

  • How to buy $KROM using the Ethereum mainnet (via  Mainnet Ethereum)?

  • How to add  Optimism  to & buy $KROM using metamask?

  • How to add  Arbitrum  to & buy $KROM using metamask?

  • How to add  Polygon  to & buy $KROM using metamask? (guide coming soon)



Kromatika DAO tasks are visible on Dework - the ultimate Web3 project management tool. All tasks can be undertaken by any web3 contributor, and incentivized in $KROM. You can find the Dework dashboard here.

  • Launching the Kromatika protocol on Ethereum Mainnet (audit completion).

  • Enabling Gasless limit trading feature.

  • Liquidity farming rewards for KROM liquidity providers on Celer bridge.

  • Launching the KROM token on Uniswap Polygon.

  • Launching the Kromatika protocol on Arbitrum Layer2 network.

  • Launching new website.

  • Launching the Kromatika protocol on the Polygon network.

  • Liquidity farming rewards for Krom liquidity providers on Uniswap on all networks.

  • Adding gasless market swap feature to Kromatika protocol.

  • CEX listing.

  • Launching KROM-E.

  • Kromatika v2 (new features, modern UI, hybrid DEX).

  • Kromatika DAO governance launch

  • Create KROM/OP liquidity pool.

  • Liquidity mining program for KROM/OP.

  • Launch perpetual trading.

  • Launch referral program on Optimism.

  • Gas refund program on Optimism.

  • Implement fiat on-ramp service.

  • Implement cross-chain bridge solution.

More On Our Fundamentals

Learn about our protocol

Explore our docs and discover just how Kromatika works behind the scenes. You will understand how we can get you those juicy deals without slippage, fees or bots! Are you digging for the real deal? Dive into github and check out our open-source code.

Let’s go
Discover the Dapp

Did you know we have a limit order book and a swap aggregator? Are you curious to see just how beneficial it all is? Launch the dapp and start trading right now!

Let’s go
Explore our Krom-E’s

Apart from the awesome protocol we got running, we also got a wonderful NFT collection that is coming around the corner. Our Krom-E’s will provide even more benefits to the protocol users and of course have a stunning design. Utility and art, perfectly blended.

Coming soon


Initially 100M KROM tokens were in existence. Liquidity has been deployed to the Uniswap protocol (original Uniswap LP token is burned), to Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon to provide layer 2 liquidity. 20M (20%) is added on Gnosis, a multi-signature wallet.

Yes! $KROM is a utility token as it is used to pay the fee for all Kromatika DEX limit orders and end-to-end usage of gasless mode (optional feature, coming very soon).

You can also use our swap aggregator, for this you only need to hold ETH in your wallet to cover gasfees. Again use normal or pro-mode to fill out your swap and click swap. Your swap is executed in a heartbeat!

Connect your wallet. Depending on whether you wish to use the swap or the limit order feature, you will need $ETH and $KROM in your wallet. The interface is just as straightforward as using Uniswap for example, but with our limit order feature. Use normal or pro-mode to set your limit order and click trade. When the market conditions match your order, Kromatika DEX will execute the trade automatically.

The fee is dependent on the current gas fee. The maximum fee is calculated as follows: base fee * gas fee * protocol fee. As you can see, we don’t take the amount that is being traded into consideration. This offers you the opportunity to trade at a very interesting, fixed price. Fixed, as in not depending on your amount traded. We refer to our docs  for more details on the exact calculation.

Yes! KROM token is a non-mintable ERC 20 token audited by OpenZeppelin, MythX and CertiK.

Yes and no :) If you wish to use only the swap aggregator, you don’t need to own $KROM. However, if you wish to use our limit order feature, you will need $KROM to cover the service fee.

Kromatika requires a fee to cover the cost of the trade processor (ChainLink Keepers). When a trade is processed $KROM is deducted from the protocol user’s balance on the dapp and sent to the trade processor to cover the gas cost. Hence, the $KROM tokens are circulating: DEX Liquidity Pool -> User -> Kromatika Protocol -> DEX Liquidity Pool.

Yes! Kromatikas entire codebase is open-sourced and published on Github  under the MIT and GPL-3.0 license. Anybody can see how it was developed, built and who are the code contributors. Developers are encouraged to submit a PR if they are willing to contribute.

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