Next generation DEX crypto trading:

NO Swap Fees

NO Front-Running Bots

NO Price Slippage


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Audited smart contracts

$KROM Token Has Audited smart contracts for creating trades and processing them, all powered by Uniswap.

Off-chain decentralized processing services

$KROM Token Has Off-chain decentralized processing services, responsible for active processing of the trades, powered by Chainlink Keepers.

$KROM token

Utility ERC20 token used for paying the service fee. This fee is paid by the users and is used to cover the cost of the processing services (Chainlink Keepers).


100M KROM tokens in existence. No rebasing, no burns.

60M (60%) available on Uniswap. This amount is forever locked on the Uniswap protocol since the original Uniswap LP token is burned. See proof.

20M (20%) is used to provide Layer 2 liquidity on Arbitrum and Optimism (10M each)

20M (20%) added on Gnosis, a multi-signature wallet.

Yes! KROM token is a utility token and it is used as a fee token for Kromatika DEX swaps.

After connecting your MetaMask wallet and you have some KROM in your address you are ready to go. The swap interface is as straightforward as swapping on Uniswap, but with our added limit order field. Use this to set your limit orders for your trades and click SWAP. When the market has the conditions for your trades, Kromatika DEX will execute your trades automatically. You need to come back and manually claim your swaps. When there are multiple swaps to claim, you can use the batch feature to get them all in one transaction.

First, you have to send ETH to the Arbitrum network (L2). You can do this using a centralized exchange like Binance that supports Arbitrum network transactions. Alternately you can use an ETH bridge Synapse to convert your ETH from the main et to Arbitrum network. After you have made the switch, you can use Uniswap to swap your Arbitrum ETH for the KROM token.

Tutorial here

In the background, Kromatika always needs a fixed fee in ETH. This fixed fee is the actual gas cost of the trade processor (ChainLink Keepers) and it is dependant on the current gas fee. The user of Kromatika Swap can override this gas price and specify the gas price at which they want their trades to be executed. This in turn delays the trade execution a bit for the sake of lowering this fixed service fee. The user always pays this fee with KROM tokens.

Yes! KROM token is a non-mintable ERC 20 token audited by OpenZeppelin and MythX.

Yes! Kromatika DEX always uses KROM tokens to settle the transaction fee.

When a trade is processed KROM is deducted from the user’s balance on the App and sold on the market for ETH which in turn is sent to the trade processor (Chain Link Keepers) to cover the gas cost. In this way KROM token circulates in a loop: Uniswap -> User -> Kromatika DEX -> Uniswap.

Yes! All the code is open-sourced and published on GitHub under the MIT license. Anybody can see how it was developed, built and who has contributed with code over time. We also welcome open-source contributors.

Currently, the user can access the App using MetaMask. More wallet integrations will follow up in the future. Follow us on Twitter and be among the first to get important announcements and updates. Also, our Discord server is a great place to get more informed about Kromatika DEX.

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